smart dating tipsSmart Dating Tips

First Date in a Public Place

When it comes to smart dating tips, the most important thing to think about is your safety and meeting in a public place is an easy way to accomplish this. When you discuss your plans to date, agree on a public place to meet and spend the first part of your date. Various dating tips by men for women put a focus on safety and rightfully so. A restaurant or coffee shop is ideal and often recommended in the best dating tips and advice for women because these places are very public and tend to be busy. If you decide to venture elsewhere on your date, make sure that it is within walking distance, take separate vehicles or use public transportation. Until you get to know each other, you want to make sure that you are putting your safety first and taking the right precautions for both of you.

Know What You Want and Demand it

Female dating tips regularly suggest that you should be upfront about exactly what you are looking for. You want to heed this advice because it will help you avoid dating too many frogs before you find your prince. If you are looking for a potential partner for marriage, you do not want to waste time on men that are just looking for a casual fling. Be upfront about where you want the relationship to go and stick to men who share this goal with you.

Forget the Stereotype and Take Charge

One of the best dating tips for women is to take charge on the first date. There are numerous stereotypes that women are indecisive, and this might be true for some women, but showing that you are a strong woman who can make decisions will be a major plus for men who respect and want to date strong women. Plan the date or at least offer some input on what you would like to do the first time the two of you hit the town. You can also strike a compromise and each of you can choose an activity for your first date. Most men will appreciate you taking charge and not putting all of the pressure on them to plan a fun evening for the both of you.

Be Honest With the Men You Date

Women’s dating tips put a strong focus on honesty and this is critical. You not only want to be honest about who you are, but you want to be honest with your date if you are not interested in a second one. You do not want to string him along or waste time dating someone that you do not enjoy spending time with. Remember that it does not feel good to think things are going great with a man when he does not agree. You want to respect his feelings just as you expect him to respect yours.

Ensure Equal Talking Time for Both of You

General dating tips include things like ensuring there is balance in learning about each other. You want to talk about yourself, but not completely ignore everything that your date has to say. Ask questions and probe deeper when your date is talking. Whether you are sitting in a cafe in Melbourne, Australia, or you are simply chatting on the phone, make sure that each of you is getting equal talk time so that you can best decide if there is a mutual interest in continuing to see each other.