Women who cheat on their husbandsWe are women, and we know what makes us upset. We have always been the target for men to be regarded as selfish species and people who just care for their comfort but it is not so. Yes we are made up of emotions that we cannot even hold but we never throw away our responsibilities unless we are tested for our potential for bearing pains and hurt to the maximum. We are kind hearted people who would want to make this world a better place. But at times the duty of keeping everything happy and aligned is not fulfilled by us women. It is when things just go out of hands and relations get ruined. But somewhere in the midst of everything men forget that if they have needs, so do us and if we are kind, we can even be ruthless with our husbands.

Women are emotional and for greater part of our lives we feed on love, heartbreaks, warmth and needs. But there is a time when we throw our emotions aside and look around for our wants. Wants are created by forces around us. Women are very weak when it comes to not envying other women and what they have. If we see a woman blessed with a big house, cars and money even if her husband is never in town we would like that fact about life and would dream to have access to all the gold in the world. This would trigger our want for something known as material. Even if we have a happy family with a loving husband, we would start running after the statement that money can buy happiness. Yes, for us it will be looking for sources that would give us all the material happiness.

We start hunting for men that can buy us good coffee at an expensive coffee shop, men who can buy us great jewelry, men who can gives us expensive gadgets and take us out in their big cars. Things like these when attract us we would leave everything at home and move on. We look for men that have a powerful status in the society, men who can give us the best of security and make us enjoy all the materials that were always absent in our lives. This is where our heart and mind starts to cheat our husbands. And yes we fall for such things too.

Women cheat when they feel that their guy is not paying attention to her. If men have egos we have self-esteem issues. Yes we want our man to hold us and tell us how beautiful we are and how lucky he is to have a woman like this on his life. If he does not compliment us we would feel bad about ourselves and would feel as if we are lesser to any other women out there. If he does not make us feel special and wanted, we would always look around for other man who makes us realize we are special, who would make us believe they are flattered by the way we look and who will leave no room to compliment us.