5 Best apps for AndroidEvery Android phone requires certain apps to get it up and running to its full potential. These apps allow users to multitask, use their time productively, exercise, take great photographs or simply give a better experience than the native apps in the photo. These are the best apps for an Android phone, simply because they make the phone better!

MyTracks: This is the best app available in the market for those who want to exercise and keep fit with the help of a personal exercise diary. It relies on GPS to record speed, time, distance and calories burnt along with created a Google Doc and Map route to help you work out how much and where all you’ve been working out.

Seesmic: If you’re using an Android, being connected to the world of social media must have its priorities. Instead of using the native app, installing Seesmic for twitter is a great idea. The interface is clean and simple, while the setup is able to do everything that Twitter can along with setting up personalized notifications, making it one of the best apps for an Android.

Evernote: The beauty of this app is that it lets you take down notes, whenever and however you want. It lets you create text notes, photo notes and audio notes so that you can remind yourself in a variety of ways. At the same time, you can also use the Notes Nearby, which points out notes written close your location, which puts it in the list of best apps for an Android.

Shazam: Listening to music just became a lot more fun with this music identifying app, that works like magic. Shazam is built to listen to music tracks and identify it within seconds. Not only that, it will let you artist, album name, label and pretty much anything you want to know about the song. You no longer have to rely on vague lyrics to search out the song!

Aldiko: If you have a large enough screen on your Android, there is no need to spend extra money on a new e-book reader. Aldiko is a great app just for that, which comes in a great user interface, pleasing aesthesis, can be customized for font and color and you can carry it around anywhere you like! If you’re fond of reading on the go, you can simply download the many titles available in the app library. Simply put, this is definitely one of the best apps for an Android.