Mean Married Women and Embarrassing Dating Fails

Married Women Know What They Want I am not an expert in dating or with having success with casual sex. In fact, I have had so many embarrassing dating fails that most people would probably say I am the opposite of an expert. I have been kicked while I am down, I have had some […]

SexSearch User Testimonials – Exposing the Reasons Why Women Have Sex

Why Do Women Have Sex? It’s pretty obvious why guys have sex, and why they are constantly on the search for it. However, what is not so obvious is why women have sex. Women are mysterious creatures and it is hard to understand the reason for why they do most of the things that they […]

9 Signs She’s DYING For You To Ask Her Out!

How To Tell She Wants You To Ask Her Out Sometimes it can be hard for guys to tell what women want, particularly when it comes to whether or not they would like to go out with you. Guys need dating advice so that they can learn when is the right time to ask her […]

2013 dating sites – all set to offer serious daters a wonderful experience

2013 dating sites in UK

You must have heard of the famous saying – variety is the spice of life! Well, this should explain it all. If you are looking for the top affair sites this coming year, you have a plethora of choices. Many people have reservations about dating online and prefer the time-tested, traditional methods. Let me tell […]

Women are made of emotions

Women who cheat on husband

We are women, and we know what makes us upset. We have always been the target for men to be regarded as selfish species and people who just care for their comfort but it is not so. Yes we are made up of emotions that we cannot even hold but we never throw away our […]

5 Best Apps For An Android Phone

5 Best apps for Android

Every Android phone requires certain apps to get it up and running to its full potential. These apps allow users to multitask, use their time productively, exercise, take great photographs or simply give a better experience than the native apps in the photo. These are the best apps for an Android phone, simply because they […]