ask her outHow To Tell She Wants You To Ask Her Out

Sometimes it can be hard for guys to tell what women want, particularly when it comes to whether or not they would like to go out with you. Guys need dating advice so that they can learn when is the right time to ask her out. Even if a guy likes a girl, he may avoid the subject all together because he is not picking up on clues that she is into him as well. This article was written to give some clues to all of the clueless guys out there, but it can work as dating tips for single parents or anyone else as well. Most of this dating advice will seem fairly obvious to most of us, but unless we have it in mind, then we usually miss out on what is standing right in front of us.

She Is Excited To See You

If every time you see a girl, and she is visibly excited to see you, this is a pretty strong indicator that she wants to ask her out. This doesn’t mean that just because she gives you a hug, she wants to date you, but if you see a big smile flash across her face every time you walk up, then you can be sure that she is thinking about you in a romantic sense.

She Is Extremely Interested When You Speak

If a woman seems to be totally interested in everything you say, even when you are talking about your mundane day, this can be another indicator that she wants you to ask her out to some date spots. What women want isn’t always obvious, but if they seem overly interested whenever you speak, you can be sure that she wants you.

She Laughs At All Of Your Jokes

Sure, most of us like to think we are funny, but no one is funny all of the time. If there a woman who laughs at all of your jokes, even your lame puns, then she is probably interested in dating you. Woman use this as a way to show a connection with what you are saying, so be conscious of the fact and use it to your advantage.

She Points Out Date Spots

If she is constantly mentioning restaurants or coffee shops, then she may be dropping hints of places that she would like to go out to with you. Date spots could be almost anywhere, but if she is asking you about a specific place, then she may be hoping that you suggest going there together.

She Talks About All The Things You Have In Common

When a woman is constantly mentioning that you both share common interests, it is her attempt to demonstrate that you have a connection with her. This can make for some good conversation topics, but she is really hoping that you ask her out to talk about it on a date.

She Says Random Things

Sometimes when a woman is nervous, or just really wants to talk to you, she will make up nearly any excuse to do so. She may start talking about her favorite color, or an old horror movie, but regardless it is her attempt to keep in touch with you and you should take it as a clue to ask her out.

She Touches You

When a girl touches you, it is usually not by accident. She is trying to drop subtle hints that she wants you to pay attention to her. She is also trying to leave an impression on you by making physical contact in the hopes that she can get a little bit of a rise out of you. Take it as a compliment and ask her out without delay.

She Lets You Know When She Is Free

If she is constantly telling you that she has a lot of free time, or when exactly she has nothing planned, she is probably hoping that you can suggest something to fill that void. Don’t take it as boring chit chat, but rather as a clue that she wants to meet with you at those times.

She Is Always Around

If a girl likes you, she will do her best to be in the same place as you whenever it is possible. You may notice her hanging out with your common friends more frequently, or you may start bumping into her at your favorite bar. These are all sure signs that she is trying to see you more and is hoping that you will ask her out one day soon.