dating failsMarried Women Know What They Want

I am not an expert in dating or with having success with casual sex. In fact, I have had so many embarrassing dating fails that most people would probably say I am the opposite of an expert. I have been kicked while I am down, I have had some beat downs from angry husbands, and I have been rejected a countless amount of times. However, despite all of my embarrassing dating fails, I do have one thing, and that is experience. While it may be true that a lot of my experiences have been negative and cringe inducing, not all of them have been bad, and I have even had some pretty good successes when it comes to casual sex. Through my failures I have learned some valuable pick up tactics, and I would like to believe that I am better at dating now, then I was when I was younger. Perhaps not much better, but better nonetheless. However, this article is not about my successes, it is about my dating failures, and the valuable lessons that I have learned along the way. In particular, this article is about my obsession with married women and extramarital affairs, and what I have learned about them along the way. I will reveal some embarrassing truths about myself in this article, but I think that it is worth it if even one other guy can relate, and skip the pain and embarrassment of some of my hard-learned lessons.

Don’t Flirt With Married Women If the Husband is in the Room

I was at a party once, and there was an incredibly attractive woman sitting by herself in the corner. Even from a few paces away, I could see the glint of her big diamond ring on her finger, but I didn’t see any men around her, and she seemed quite bored and listless. I eventually worked up the courage to go talk to her, and I was met with a pleasantly warm reception. We chatted for a few minutes, and I was getting all the signs that she was interested in extramarital affairs. She kept laughing and touching my leg, looking into my eyes with that ‘I want it now’ look, and saying things about her husband who is never there when she needs him. At this point, I was pretty sure that I was going to be able to make a move, so I asked her if she would like to go outside for a cigarette. She quickly agreed and stood up with me to move outside. As we walked down the hall, we came across a quiet space in the house, and I thought that it would be a good time to go in for a little kiss. I quickly grabbed her and leaned in, but just at that moment, the front door opened and in walked her 6 foot tall husband. He simply shook his head, grabbed me by the collar, and started to drag me outside, where he subsequently threw me down the stairs of the porch before going back inside to join his smiling wife.

Pick Up Tactics Can Be Dating Fails

I have read a bunch of dating guides, and sometimes I have tried to use some of the advice found in these articles, particularly when it comes to things like pick up tactics that are supposed to work like a secret charm. Although some of these pick up tactics can work, I have realized that it is all about context, and that misusing one can be more damaging than effective. One such example is the pick up tactic of making some amount of physical contact in order to peak her interest. I had just read about this move online, and I was eager to try it out. I was down at the grocery store when I thought I saw my chance. There was a hot woman shopping for groceries, and I could tell that she was shopping for a family, so I thought it safe to assume that she was married as well. She was browsing through the canned food section, and I went up near her and pretended to look at the wall of food beside her. I could see her reaching for a can of beans, so I thought that I would try and grab the same can as her at the same time in the hopes of making contact with our hands. I tried, and it was a horrible fail. She just looked at me like I was a psycho. There was dozens of cans of the same product right beside the one we had both tried to grab, so it definitely came off as super weird. She just let me take that can, and started to walk away immediately. I quickly realized that without the context of a flirty conversation, trying to touch someone in public is a big no.