why women have sexWhy Do Women Have Sex?

It’s pretty obvious why guys have sex, and why they are constantly on the search for it. However, what is not so obvious is why women have sex. Women are mysterious creatures and it is hard to understand the reason for why they do most of the things that they do, particularly when it comes to casual sex. Women carry most of the risk and burden of sex as opposed to men. They are the ones who can get pregnant, while the man can easily slip away into the night. They are the ones who probably won’t be satisfied by some underperforming dude, while almost every guy will reach the finish line every time. They are the ones who are more at risk for personal injury in a casual sex encounter, while guys are the ones who usually hurt others. So why do women have sex? It is clear that women do have sex, at least if we choose to believe all of the stories that are friends have told us, but it is not exactly clear why they like to use dating websites for casual encounters. This article was written to help address that question and mystery of women, in order to give guys a better idea of what women are looking for when they are dating online. I have read over a huge amount of SexSearch user testimonials as part of my research for this article in order to gain some perspective on different people’s experiences and accounts of sexual experiences directly from women. If you want to read more about SexSearch, check out this adult dating site review for more information. However, if you want to hear about my perspectives on women’s sexuality, please read on below.

Genetic Disposition Is the Most Obvious Reason

No matter what, women will always have the drive to have sex based on the very fact that we are animals that need to reproduce. Whether or not a women wants to have sex for the purpose of making a baby, they have the drive inside of themselves to pursue sex for that reason. This seems fairly obvious, and is the underlying reason that all of us have sex in some way. If we as a species did not have sex, we would not exist in any way. Perhaps with advances in science sex for procreation will become a thing of the past, but I think most of us guys hope that this does not become the case. Until then, we can count on a woman’s either subconscious or conscious desire to have a child to keep them wanting sex, at least every once in awhile.

Sometimes It Is Just To Satisfy You

Another reason that a woman might have sex is that she has the desire to satisfy you. This is not always the case, but if you are smart enough to be a good man, and you are luck enough to have found a woman who appreciates you for who you are, then she may be willing to have sex with you in order to help satisfy your urges. A woman can get pleasure out of sex, even if she is not exactly experiencing sexual pleasure. Women are well aware of men’s rampant desires, and they are occasionally willing to do the deed to help you out. Of course, you need to have a good relationship with a woman to have her want to do this, but if you are close with someone like that, she will probably be there to help you out. That being said, don’t let this be an excuse to be selfish, make sure that you still try to satisfy her if you can.

She Wants to Feel A Sense of Emotional Connection

Women are emotional, and they have a great appreciation for a strong emotional connection. This is something that can often arise before, during and after a sexual encounter, so it is another reason that can compel a woman to have sex with you. Sex is one of the most intimate experiences that two people can share, and both men and women can gain a great sense of closeness during a sexual encounter. If a woman is feeling like she needs that kind of attention, then she will probably be willing to engage with you and make something happen in the bedroom. If this is the reason that she wants to have sex with you, then be prepared to cuddle afterwards as she will probably be looking for that kind of affection after the act.